2012 ISAF Submissions at a Glance

The submissions from MNA’s, Classes and Committees for the 2012 Annual Conference were posted online by ISAF on September 24, 2012.

As expected, a large number of those submissions relate to the slate of Olympic events and equipment choices for the 2016 Games, and of those, the vast majority seek an alternate decision regarding the selection of kiteboard racing last May at the expense of windsurfing. The level of support for windsurfing is extremely encouraging! This bodes very well for an informed and constructive debate in November.

All stakeholders will be spending the next few weeks reviewing those submissions and their implications in full detail, and we thought that to get started, an illustration would help visualize the options currently on the table:

Please note that separately from the 2016 Olympic decision, a number of submissions also relate to the inclusion of windsurfing at the Sailing World Cup, at ISAF World Championships, at the ISAF Youth Worlds and at Regional Games from 2013 to 2016.

Submission 020-12 from the ISAF Executive Committee is viewed as a ‘gatekeeper’ vote and can be found here: Sub. 020-12

For complete details on all the 2012 Submissions, click here for the ISAF website.


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