Quotes from the Sailing Community

Our club has a long history of developing sailors for the Olympics and US Sailing teams. Currently, 3 of our club members are on either the US Sailing team or US youth development teams, so I take to heart what events US Sailing chooses to support for the Olympics. We strive to give our kids access to competition and coaching that will enable them to fulfill their goals and develop a life long love of the sport. Our club cannot and will not be able to introduce kiting to our junior sailing program, yet we have been very successful at integrating windsurfing into our program with kids beginning as young as 6 and 7 years old. What is more, the geography of our location makes it impossible to offer kiting in our program as do the safety concerns. Obviously, these will be major issues for other clubs as well. There was no other Olympic event that was easier to get into from a cost and logistics perspective – Alex Pardo, Commodore, Vineyard Haven Yacht Club, MA
I have been teaching windsurfing for 29 years. I taught kiteboarding for one year and gave my friend Rob Douglas his first lesson. He is now the fastest kiter/?sailor in the world. I stopped teaching the sport of kiting because it made me very uncomfortable knowing one of my students could end up seriously injured or dead. I still teach windsurfing for a living and enjoy going to work everyday. Stop by and learn basic windsurfing in 2 hours,Tack/Jibe, and Stay Alive – Eddie Senechal, Cape Cod Windsurfing, MA
Kitesurfing needs a fairly open area for set up. Our club does not have any areas suitable for this sport. It is my hope, for the sake of the great sport of windsurfing and the fact it is part of sailing overall, that the people responsible for the re-instatement of windsurfing to the 2016 Olympics will reconsider their decisions and vote this sport back into the Olympics for 2016 – Don Snell, Commodore of the Newell Sailing Club, Alberta, Canada
Windsurfing is seeing a big comeback in Southern Mass and it seems stupid to pull the rug out of the sport when it’s on the rebound in popularity. We can get kids windsurfing from age 5-19 in our program. There is no way we can or would get a 5 year old kite surfing – Michael J. Callahan, Sailing School Director, New Bedford Yacht Club, MA
We’ve organized Junior Olympics since 1999. We have 7 instructors and run camps for 200 kids each season, ages 8-17. Being a part of the Olympics has been a drive to motivate kids and juniors to race, as well as provide a path for many kids that have the desire to excel. All of our current sailing and windsurfing Instructors began as windsurfing students at our kids camps. None of them would have taken sailing if it wasn’t for our programs – Tinho Dornellas, US Sailing Master Instructor Trainer, Olympic coach, Calema Windsurfing and Watersports, Merritt Island, FL
Clearwater Community Sailing Center has youth windsurfing teams and summer camps. It has been a real draw for the younger crowd. Our youth travel all over the world to compete in regattas. We have up to 100 youth involved in our windsurfing programs during the year – Richard White, Program Director, Clearwater Community Sailing Center, Clearwater, FL
Edison is now into its second – and beginning of its third – generation of students. Safety is our priority. We provide safe boating instruction that is applicable to ALL water sports! We are beyond disppointed that Kiteboarding – what we consider to be an “extreme” sport – may displace the SKILL required in Windsurfing – Stephanie Webb, Co-founder of Edison Sailing Center, Fort Myers, FL
I have conducted nine US Sailing official courses (creating 65 windsurfing instructors) over the past three summers. Kiting would not fit at 100% of the 9 sites that I have conducted clinics due to the lack of wide beaches at high tide as most had moored boats with masts, docks, harbors, super rocky shore or jetties, buildings, and other boat traffic – Ned Crossley, Windsurfing Instructor Trainer for US Sailing

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