Kite Racing Problematic at ISAF World Cup, EUROSAF and Down Under Venues

Kite racing is possible but problematic at the venues for the ISAF World Cup, EUROSAF and Down Under Series.

  • On the ISAF World Cup for 2013 (Melbourne, Hyères, Miami, Quingdao, Palma): all require alternative venues, and 2 (Miami and Quingdao) require alternative venues far from the other sailing classes.
  • At the EUROSAF venues (Weymouth, Medemblik, La Rochelle and Kiel): kite racers would need to launch from adjacent beaches.
  • At the Down Under Series (Sail Sydney, Sail Auckland and Sail Melbourne): 2 events out of those 3 will need alternative venues to launch from.

You may check out the details below, or click here (World Cup, EUROSAF, Down Under) for a higher resolution version of those analyses.

At all of those locations, support boats will be needed to help the kiters get out to the race course if they cannot launch safely from the shore by themselves. In addition, more staff will be needed to help kiters launch and make sure the general public stays far enough away not to get in the way of the kites for safety reasons. This will cost organizers more money and require more infrastructure on the part of the hosting Yacht Clubs.

We are supportive of the inclusion of kiteboard racing at a number of those high-profile events, as a learning experience. This is an expensive proposal for sure, but we believe it will constitute a reality-check for all parties involved, and an opportunity to test out what works and what doesn’t work in terms of logistics, formats, racing procedures, safety protocols, etc. When all details have been tested out and all concerns have been addressed, ISAF will have much better elements in hand to request additional IOC medals, and make a properly informed decision on future Olympic events.



  1. Theo

    The beach pointed out in Medemblik is already being used by the 49er, Laser and RS:X classes for launching during the Delta Lloyd Regatta. In the past the Tornado’s have been launching from this beach as well. If it’s too small for a couple of kites to launch simultaneously, what about the other classes that will add up to the waiting cue on the beach?

  2. Theo

    Since this month kiteboarding has been officially prohibited by local law in Medemblik. Kiteboarding competitors will have to use floating platforms close to the starting line for launching and landing.

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