Summary Chart and Video Presentation

The video presentation on this page outlines the main reasons why windsurfing is a better option than kiteboard racing at the Olympics. The chart provides a quick side-by-side summary of how the RS:X and Kiteboard Racing compare on a variety of criteria.

For more details, please check out the posts on this website



  1. Lauri Gregg

    The Canadian Masters Windsurfing Association strongly supports retaining windsurfing as an olympic sport. Windsurfing remains a strong international sailing sport as evidenced by the popularity of the emerging 1 design Kona fleets. It is true sailing, requiring all of the skills and tactical knowledge of the other sailing classes. Kiting is simply kiting. There is no sail or boat involved. The CMWA will continue to support the development of windsurfing youth in Canada.

    Lauri Gregg
    President, CMWA

  2. Sarah

    I’m a kiteboarder and I support this (although I disagree with Lauri about kiting not involving a sail, because the kite holds wind like a sail. Consider it a mobile sail instead of a stationary one.). Kiteboarding needs more time to mature as a sport before it heads to the Olympics.

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