In order to understand what irregularities took place, it is first important to understand the chronology of decisions at ISAF that led to “The Vote.”

May 2010

  • ISAF Council defers making a decision on Olympic events for 2016 until it has had a chance to review the recommendations of the Olympic Commission

Nov. 2010

Upon recommendation by Olympic Commission and Executive Committee:

  • ISAF Council approves event/equipment decision protocol (Sub. 096-10). In particular for the 2016 Olympic Competition,
  1. events are to be selected by Nov 2010
  2. equipment selection criteria is to be agreed upon by Nov 2010
  3. equipment evaluations are to be conducted before Nov 2012
  4. equipment for each event is to be finalized by Nov 2012
  • ISAF Council approves a one-time exception to that protocol in order to allow for the slate of events to be finalized in May of 2011 rather than Nov 2010 (Sub. 096-10)
  • ISAF Council approves preliminary slate of events for 2016 Games (Sub. 097-10)

May 2011

  • ISAF Council adopts a slate of events for 2016 (Sub. M10-11).

That slate includes the following events:

  1. Men’s Board and/or Kiteboard
  2. Women’s Board and/or Kiteboard
  • for those two events, the prescribed equipment is:

(RS:X/Kiteboard) evaluation

Nov. 2011

Upon recommendation by Events Committee,

  • ISAF Council approves a plan to evaluate format and event management implications for the possible inclusion of Kiteboarding within ISAF events

May 2012

  • Kiteboard Evaluation Report and Kiteboard Technical Report are submitted to ISAF Council
  • Events Committee recommends to:
  1. include Kiteboarding into ISAF events
  2. postpone the decision between RS:X and Kiteboard until Nov 2012
  3. select RS:X if Council decides to vote on the matter now
  • Against Events Committee recommendation, ISAF Council puts the Olympic equipment question to a vote and selects Kiteboarding

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