Under the proposed Box Rule, kite racers shall abide by the following rules:

  • In course racing events not more than one production board and three production kites shall be registered.
  • Except in course racing, any number of boards, kites or rigging may be used during an event.
  • Any number of fins and/or retractable fins are allowed. No other hull appendages are permitted. The shortest distance between the outermost point of the hull appendage and the bottom of the hull shall not exceed 500 mm.
  • The maximum distance measured from the lowermost point of the chicken loop to any part of the kite, when rigged, shall be 45000 mm.
  • hull length max: 1900 mm, hull beam between 150 and 700 mm, hull weight min: 4000 g

Extracts from the IKA Class Rules 2012

As a result, Kite Racing Equipment is Much More Expensive than the RS:X.


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