Media Appeal

Olympic Windsurfing:

  • The RS:X Class has a broadcast TV audience in more than 150 countries, and an internet audience in 169 countries.
  • The 2012 RS:X World Championships attracted nearly 100,000 unique visitors to its event website (same as Sail For Gold across all Olympic classes).
  • The RS:X Class constantly takes advantage of the latest broadcast technologies to bring spectators closer to the action.
  • The class is very active on Facebook. Nearly 40,000 fans are currently engaged in learning about the ISAF vote and discussing the possibility of an appeal to that decision.
  • The RS:X Class is extremely colorful and appealing to watch, with distinct color themes for Men (Gold) and Women (Red). The 2012 RS:X Olympic fleet will even feature custom coloring on the sails, developed specifically for the London Organizing Committee.
  • The RS:X Class was the first to introduce national flags on sails.
  • The RS:X Fleet is easy to frame in photos and videos, and close-ups of the action convey very well the adrenaline on the start line.
  • The RS:X Fleet currently features storied athletes who have made their mark in the world of Sailing as a whole: for instance, 2008 ISAF Sailor of the Year Alessandra Sensini, 2010 ISAF Sailor of the Year Blanca Manchon, or Siripon Kaewduang-Ngam from Thailand, who was nominated for Sailor of the Year in 2010 when she was still competing on the Bic Techno 293 and has since moved to the RS:X Youth fleet.

Here’s a video that showcases the Intensity and Depth of Talent at the 2012 RS:X Worlds in Cadiz

Kiteboard Racing:

The Technical Report from the Kiteboarding Format Trials in Santander made a point of highlighting the media appeal of kitesurfing. We certainly don’t deny that kitesurfing is media friendly, and commend the efforts of the marketing, media and video production companies involved in building that image. But we want to bring your attention to a few important facts:

  • International Kite events travel to windy destinations exclusively;
  • Kite racing events are most of the time run concurrently with kite freestyle events, which have a much bigger following and level of participation;
  • Kite events are often run on busy beaches and alongside beach festivals. Claims by organizers that hundreds of thousands of spectators come to watch kite races are hard to take seriously.

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