No Contract

Per ISAF Regulation,

Olympic Equipment contracts shall be agreed between ISAF and the appropriate Classes and / or manufacturers by May 1st in the year four years before the Olympic Sailing Competition. The contract shall require the Class to be an ISAF Class at the first opportunity thereafter, and, in any event, prior to the Olympic Games, and to remain an ISAF Class while it remains Olympic Equipment. In the event that ISAF is unable to agree the contract for particular Equipment, Council shall decide alternative Equipment in November of the year four years before the Olympic Sailing Competition from a list of Equipment options provided by the ISAF Executive.
ISAF Regulations 23.1.6[12337].pdf

The decision between the RS:X and Kiteboarding was technically an Equipment decision. The ISAF Council had until November 2012 to make that decision, but at the very least, equipment contracts needed to be in place by May 1st, 2012. We’re not aware that any such equipment-related contract has been signed between ISAF and the IKA Class. “The Vote” didn’t even occur until May 5, 2012, four days after that deadline.

Beyond that technical argument brought about by the existence of the two odd “Board and/or Kiteboard” events, the spirit of Article 23.1.6 is clearly to have all serious manufacturers vying to supply an Olympic event declare the business conditions under which they would produce their equipment. This is absolutely essential, because it allows ISAF to develop a fully informed opinion regarding each equipment contender before making a decision. Again, we’re not aware that any equipment contract was signed, by May 1st, between ISAF and the many Kiteboarding manufacturers aiming to supply Olympic equipment.

If it is confirmed that those contracts did not exist, per Article 23.1.6, “The Vote” ought to be deemed invalid and Council shall decide alternate Equipment in November 2012.


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