The Trials Technical Report is Inaccurate

Excerpts from the ISAF Kiteboarding Format Trials Technical Report:

“There are no race management or event organization issues. Kiteboarding could be immediately included in major ISAF events and the Olympic Sailing Regatta.“ FALSE
“Youth Pathway: youth and junior competitors use the same hulls and only smaller kite sizes depending on the body weight.“ THERE IS NO YOUTH PATHWAY CURRENTLY IN KITEBOARD RACING
“There have been safety issues in the past which have been overcome since app. eight years. Safety standards are constantly improved in cooperation between class and national governments.“ TO SAY THAT SAFETY ISSUES HAVE BEEN OVERCOME IS DANGEROUSLY FALSE

It is our position that a significant error has been made in the May 2012 ISAF vote concerning kiteboard racing vs windsurfing. Part of the problem was a lack of proper information regarding kiteboarding presented in the ISAF Kiteboarding Format Trials Technical Report. Unfortunately there was not adequate time to perform a proper investigation of the facts leading up to the May 2012 vote. The ISAF Kiteboarding Technical Report was a promotional report for kiteboarding laced with gross exaggerations, it not false statements. It was and still remains a misleading document for the decision-makers at ISAF, and it does a disservice to the sport by making it appear more ready than it actually is.

To help provide perspective on the main claims in this report, and assist in future decision making, here’s a Detailed Analysis of the ISAF Kiteboarding Format Trials Technical Report.

For a second opinion on some important statements in the Technical Report, check out A Kiteboarder’s Look at the Technical Report.


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